November Mileage Challenge

As you might already know, 9Fit is not simply a fitness program, it is a fitness community. Using free apps like Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal, community members watch for each others workouts, cheer each other on, and share both troubles and triumphs.

In the month of November, we are encouraging anyone who wants to be a part of the 9Fit Community to participate in the November Mileage Challenge. To take part, you don’t have to come to the Lab workouts, but perhaps sign up for a consult and we can at least help you get focused for success!

All you need to do is set a goal for your mileage for the month of November. I tried to make 30 miles in September and failed, largely because of schedule restrictions with my school demands. I succeeded in October however, and I am now encouraging the community to set their own goals.

Look at what you normally do for a cardio workout, (walking, biking, swimming, running, whatever you prefer. Though running helps maintain bone density better than the others when done properly) figure out your usual mileage, then figure out how much that will be if you get in at least 2 30 minute sessions per week if you have 2 other strength training days.

Lab workouts are done in a way that we get a cardio component as well, so if you don’t come and workout in the 9Fit lab, try to go for three cardio workouts.  Post your mileage goals on our Facebook page, or on Runkeeper and share it with us. We will root for you too!

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