Getting Started

9Fit is a unique fitness experience. Not only are you getting in shape, but you are joining a mutually supportive community, a lifestyle approach, and a specific exercise methodology.

Therefore, getting started in 9Fit means some initial assessment and education is required.

Before you can take your first class, you must schedule an initial consult and orientation. These, as any consult, are $45 and will include an initial assessment, basic equipment orientation and education, along with a planning session regarding goals and outcomes.

Other fees are as follows:

Drop-in (per session) $10.00
Monthly Membership (non-dojo) $60.00
Reduced Membership(Mizu Nagare Dojo members) $40.00
Consultation w/assessments (By Appt. only) $45.00


With your initial consult, you receive one free drop-in workout. If you choose to join for the month at that first workout, you will receive the reduced member rate for your first two months, a $30.00 savings!


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