Why consults?

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The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Large gyms count on contracts, member apathy and drop-out rates to see to their profits. People join in droves just after the New Year, just before summer, and just as winter approaches.

Little to no instruction is given to new members so a vicious cycle is started that is more designed to aid people in failure at an exercise program that success, which I believe can only be defined as a change in lifestyle.

Results for particular goals in fitness can only be expected if an individual understands what their goal is, what they must do -specifically- to achieve that goal, and what challenges they face on the way.

The 9Fit consultation is a key component to laying a foundation for health and fitness. I personally work with each 9Fit client  to assess for strengths, weaknesses, dysfunctions and goal orientations in order to dial in specific understanding of how to approach working out. The difference between a consult and personal training is that the consult is designed to educate and empower, so an individual is armed with the knowledge of what they need.

I will be there with you during 9Fit labs, often working out right alongside you, providing cues and encouragement. However, 9Fit’s Fitness Community design means that you also learn how to workout on your own. Consults provide the specific information you need to address your unique challenges, gives you the freedom to program creatively in your workouts and help keep your fitness journey engaging and effective.

In a world full of fitness business models designed to promote apathy and failure, 9Fit provides the empowerment, knowledge and guidance to take your health into your own hands.

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