What is “The Lab”?

9Fit Labs are the group fitness classes taught at 9Fit. Led by 9Fit founder, Ethan Capers, labs utilize a variety of equipment and calisthenics using evidence-based, functional training methods.

Ethan usual participates alongside other 9Fitters, providing cues, feedback and encouragement to all participants.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 5 people. For that reason, a shout-out is given on the 9Fit Facebook page (displayed in feed at right). Anyone wishing to attend must confirm by replying to the Shout-out. Classes fill in order of the replies, if there are at least two more replies, a second class will be added with space for 5 total.

Our “Lab” shares space in a home-based, private training facility. We share space with the Bujinkan Mizu Nagare Dojo, a well established martial arts school in the Twin Cities.


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