What are Consults?

Consults are the foundation of 9Fit training. They are available by appointment only.

Consults are opportunities for 9Fit participants to get specific, detailed analyses of their fitness levels, physical dysfunctions, and areas of importance to focus on in training. Instruction is given based on assessment results that allow for individualized attention to your specific physiological challenges.

Types of assessments


Postural Assessment

Functional assessment of postural and muscle imbalances.   This assessment is part of the foundation of a functional movement screening.

Metabolic assessment

Calculated assessment of heart rate zones and VO2 max. This assessment allows for effective planning of aerobic exercise. Especially important for cardio done outside of The Lab. The metabolic benefits of exercise cannot be fully obtained without knowing this information.

Functional Exercise Assessment

Cues and feedback are always given during Labs. However, learning proper form and executing it is an ongoing process. In this assessment, key features of foundational movements are assessed and instruction is given to educate participants in the most effective techniques used for functional training.

An initial consult is required for new 9Fit participants. email info@9FitLab.com to schedule yours today!

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