What is 9Fit?

9Fit is an approach to fitness.

The 9Fit approach uses the most current knowledge of evidence-based exercise methods, a community-building support structure, and the empowerment of the individual 9Fit member through consultation and advising.

9Fit uses a design with three primary components to achieve results with this approach:

  1. 9Fit “Lab”- A small, group fitness class that uses specific exercises to help develop functional strength and durability in participants. Click for more information on Labs.
  2. Consults- 9Fit founder, Ethan Capers runs 9Fit members through various assessments to determine the specific dysfunctions, needs, adaptions, fitness levels and focus areas for each individual. Click for more information on consults.
  3. Community- Using free apps like Runkeeper, 9Fit members are taught to track their workout metrics and stay connected within a digital community. Members provide mutual encouragement and support for each other outside of “The Lab” to help everyone remain engaged and motivated to sustain their fitness efforts. Click for more information on community.

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